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Pet Memorials

IMG_3510Pet Memorial Stones and Markers

At Lodge Bros Stonemasons, we understand that pets are family members too. Whether it’s a beloved family cat, a faithful four legged friend or a smaller animal such as a goldfish, bird or hamster, when a pet passes away, it can be a devastating event.

If you’re looking for a touching way to remember your pet after it passes, we can provide you with personalized pet memorial stones that are customised to reflect the special bond you shared. From pet memorial markers that can be placed in pet cemeteries through to pet memorial plaques for the garden, Lodge Bros Stonemasons can be trusted to deliver the highest quality memorial for your pet.

Pet Memorial Stones Personalized to Your Specifications

With nearly 100 years of experience behind us, our stonemasons have the know-how and expertise to create beautiful pet memorial stones in Melbourne that are personalised to meet your needs. We also let you choose from a wide range of granite types, including:

  • Blacks (including standard black and northern black)
  • Greys (including silver grey and Harcourt)
  • Greens (including Dianna and emerald pearl)
  • Reds (including African red, Balmoral dark red, Balmoral light red and multi coloured red)
  • Blues (including blue pearl, bluestone, butterfly blue and vizag blue)
  • Whites (including moonwhite, sandstone and white marble)
  • And more – to view our complete list of available granite materials, visit our granite page.

Whether it’s for installation in a pet cemetery or for the backyard garden, our pet memorial garden stones are designed to be a durable and lasting tribute. Our memorial stones for pets can also be finished with a brief inscription or message, providing you with a meaningful tribute that has an extra special personal touch.

Contact Our Pet Headstone Supplier in Melbourne Today

To learn more about our pet memorial stones, personalized or generic, get in touch with our dedicated team of stonemasons today. We can assist you in designing the perfect touching tribute to help ease the pain of losing a pet. Call us now on (03) 9497 2400 to learn more about the services we offer, or send us a message online to enquire about our pet memorial plaques in Melbourne.

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