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Headstones and Bases

Memorial Headstones and Gravestones

Lodge Bros believe that each headstone should have a timeless quality. After all, we understand that preserving the memory of your loved one is important and that their headstone should reflect their personality.

This is why we offer a wide range of quality granite and marble headstones in Melbourne to create a lasting memorial for your loved one. Choose from a collection of tasteful, elegant designs – from simple and classic granite headstone styles through to heartfelt marble headstone creations that pay homage to your dearly departed.

Made from the highest-quality materials, our headstone bases are built to stand the test of time and create a fitting memorial for your loved ones.

Depending on your preferences, you can select from granite, marble and rock grave headstones. Each provides different properties, aesthetic and style, used for all manner of memorials throughout the ages.

We can also craft fully customised headstones in a range of shapes, sizes and materials. With nearly a century of experience, we can ensure you receive a custom headstone that best represents you.

Our skilled and compassionate staff will work closely with you to assist you through the selection process, and you can rest assured that we will handle all matters delicately and with respect. We understand that this a difficult time for you, so we will help make the process as easy as possible, from the first meeting through to completion of the memorial.

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Established in 1918, Lodge Bros has produced works for a varied range of clients. From natural stone grave memorials and bronze statues to large scale monuments, we have worked with cathedrals, town councils and universities to produce beautiful creations that offer outstanding quality.

With years of experience in producing high-quality granite and marble memorial headstones in cemeteries all over Australia, you can count on Lodge Bros for elegant and personalised memorials that honour your loved ones.

To arrange a consultation for memorial headstones, gravestones and tombstones in Melbourne, call us today on (03) 9497 2400. Alternatively, you can contact us online through our enquiry form to receive a prompt reply.


Dianna Green granite, rustic edges, polished front & back headstone & base.


Dianna Green Granite, Rustic Edges, Polished Front & Back Headstone & Base


Blue Pearl Granite,
All Polished,
Scalloped Design, Headstone & Base


Silver Grey Granite, All Polished, Ogee Headstone & Base


Black granite,
All polished headstone & grey granite,
All polished base.


White Marble,
All Polished Headstone & 2 Tier Base


Emerald Pearl Granite Hand Carved Angel & All Polished Heart Headstone & Base


White Marble,
All Polished Rounded Headstone With Black Granite All Polished Base


Black Granite, All Polished, Half Ogee, Headstone & Base


Grey granite,
All polished, two half Ogee design headstones with rounded centre post & base.


Black granite,
All polished,
T wo half Ogee design headstones & Northern black, all polished centre post, base & mower strip.


Black Granite,
All Polished Two Half Ogee Design With Centre Post & Base


Blue Pearl granite,
All polished, square design headstone & base with Blue Pearl,
All sawn scroll design side posts.


Black granite,
All polished panel


Black granite, all polished, Ogee design headstone & Grey granite, all polished base.


Blue Pearl Granite,
All Polished, Twin Heart Design with Black Granite Base All Polished


Dianna green granite,
All polished, half Ogee design headstone & base.


Dianna Green Granite, All Polished Heart With White Marble Base


Black Granite, All polished 3D Heart with Flash back with Lockable Cupboard and Vase


Grey granite, rock design headstone with black, all polished insert & grey, all sawn base.


Black granite,
All polished, two half Ogee design headstones with Balmoral red, all polished centre post & black all polished base.


White marble,
A ll polished, classic design headstone with a northern black granite, two tier, all polished base.


White marble, all polished, classic design headstone & base.


Balmoral red granite headstone, with sawn face & back, rest rustic & Balmoral red, all sawn base.


White marble,
All polished, classic design headstone with a black granite, all polished base.


Blue Pearl granite, all polished, two wing design headstones & square design centre post & base.


Emerald Pearl Granite, All Polished Butterfly Wings Headstone, White Marble, All Polished Centre Cross & Base


Balmoral Light Red Granite, All Polished Tapered Ogee Design Headstone, Base & Mower Strip


Castlemaine rock headstone, with Yellow Rock granite, all polished insert & black all polished base.


Black Granite,
All Polished Twin Niche, Mini Chapel Design & Base


Black granite,
All polished, heart with shoulders headstone & base.


Blue Pearl Granite
All Polished Wing Design Headstone With Centre Post & Base


Harcourt grey granite, polished face & top with sawn back, Apex design headstone & all sawn base.


Black granite, diamond finish face & back with rustic top and side headstone & black diamond finish base & mower strip.


Black granite,
All polished, half Ogee design headstone & base.


Black Granite,
All Polished Wing Design Headstone, Blue Pearl Centre Post, Base & Cross

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