5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Headstone

Losing a loved one comes with many emotional challenges and making certain decisions at this time can be difficult. 

You may be wondering, how do you honour someone who has passed and what do you write on a grave plaque? These are natural curiosities in preparation for a memorial service. From location to design, there are some important things to consider when picking out a headstone.

Choosing the right headstone will help you honour the memory and legacy of the person who has passed. It will also serve as the centerpiece of the space where you will visit and pay your respects for years to come. 

Stay with us to learn about five things to consider when choosing the right headstone. 

1. Choose Headstones Sizing & Design

Headstones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are many different styles of monuments that will allow you to inscribe special texts and customize the design. The text you choose will depend on the size of your headstone.  

What Do You Write on a Grave Plaque? 

Choosing the right words for a headstone can be difficult. Here are some headstone writing examples to help you come up with the perfect text: 

  • The full name 
  • The date of birth and date of death 
  • Descriptive words such as brother, friend, mother
  • Religious psalms 
  • Inspirational quotes 

These are just a few headstone examples and inscriptions. This will be quite personal to you and the person who has passed.  

What Are the Design Options? 

If you’re choosing a headstone design in Australia, there are many different styles to choose from. These are some beautiful design ideas: 

  • Heart shape
  • Cross shape 
  • Oval or Ace top 
  • Ogee half or full top 
  • Peon or offset peon top 

The design options are endless and it is important that you choose something that reflects your family’s personal taste. Take some time to consider what your deceased loved one would choose. 

2. Consider Cemetery Rules & Requirements

Deciding on a cemetery is also an element that will affect the headstone you choose. Some cemeteries have rules around the layout of the graveside, the materials you can use, and limitations for headstone sizes. 

These are cemetery regulations in Australia. When choosing headstones in Melbourne, many cemeteries have a rule that you cannot have a headstone that is bigger than 121.92cm x 60.96cm x 182.88cm. This will be a deciding factor for the shape and size of the headstone. 

Depending on how you want to honour your loved one, you might consider changing the location of the burial so that you can get the headstone that you want. 

Before you choose a headstone, check that it meets the requirements of the desired burial location.

3. Choose a Stonemason With Experience

In some funeral homes, you can get a headstone organized through one of their partners. However, to get a well-made customized headstone, you will need to choose the right stonemason. 

While there are many different suppliers for gravestones, they don’t all come with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our well-experienced stonemasons at Lodge Bros know everything from what paint is used for headstone lettering and how to create the perfect design. 

At Lodge Bros, we have numerous famous projects under our belts from the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne to St. Peter’s Church in Toorak. Our work was also featured in the Melbourne Olympic Games, with granite panels for the medal winners of the 1956 games. 

Contacting our stonemasons and establishing a relationship is an effective way to ensure both quality and design. You can contact us with your needs and we will ensure that the design aligns with your vision. 

4. Consider Material For the Headstone

There are a variety of different materials that you can choose from for a headstone. Certain materials are stronger than others and can withstand outside elements. Without strong materials, they can be prone to cracking, fading in colour, and weathering erosion

Popular materials for a headstone include bronze, limestone, granite, and marble. These are durable and will ensure that the headstone doesn’t break, crack, or erode over time. 

5. Consider Headstone Pricing

When putting together a gravesite, it is natural to wonder about pricing. You are probably thinking: how much does it cost to write on a headstone? That will depend on how much text you want and the size of your headstone.

Headstone prices in Australia vary depending on many factors. Our stonemasons will be able to give you an estimate based on a variety of considerations. 

Here are some important considerations for headstone cost in Australia:

  • The intricacy of the design 
  • The type of material 
  • The quantity of material used 
  • The number of letters 
  • The installation of the headstone 
  • The style of the inscription
  • The location of installation 

These are some of the factors that will affect the price of the headstone. Be sure to decide on a budget for the arrangements. 

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