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For people of the Greek Orthodox faith, tradition is highly valued and dictates many aspects of their lives from birth until death. For instance, post-birth, a mother refrains from leaving her home for the initial 40 days to solidify the bond with her newborn. This period often involves avoiding routine tasks like visiting the supermarket, attending church, and, given adequate family support, even daily chores. 

Death, another pivotal life event for those of the Greek Orthodox faith, also revolves around the significant number, 40. Here, the need arises for the sacred Orthodox cemetery candle box. Should you be seeking one, and desire the skills of dedicated grave candle box artisans in Melbourne, Lodge Bros Stonemasons stand ready to assist. 

What is an Orthodox Cemetery Candle Box? 

Upon the passing of a Greek Orthodox individual, it’s a custom for loved ones to light grave candles at the burial site, maintaining their glow for 40 days. This candle, symbolizing continued prayers for the departed, is securely placed within a specially designed Orthodox cemetery candle box. Often crafted from durable materials such as stainless steel, this box provides space for the candle and potentially some cherished mementos. A robust Perspex window frequently adorns the front of the candle box for cemetery, ensuring both protection and visibility. 

Honouring Your Loved One with a Grave Candle Box 

While the candle box is a temporary product used while the family orders a permanent monument to sit in its place, our Orthodox candle box suppliers put in the utmost care and consideration into every box they produce. 

If you need the compassionate and caring services of our Orthodox candle box contractors in Melbourne to help you respect the memory of your departed loved one, get in touch with Lodge Bros Stonemasons today. Give us a call on (03) 9497 2400 or send us a message through our online enquiry form. 

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