Lanterns for Graves

The ceremonial use of light has been linked to the deceased since the time of ancient Greeks and Romans. Loved ones would bury their deceased family members with an unlit lantern as a means of helping them find light in the next world. These days, while the tradition is not as upheld as it once was, lanterns for graves still have their place as a respectful monument to a loved one; an effective way to remember and commemorate their spirit. If you’re looking for a superior quality manufacturer of lanterns for graves in Melbourne, call on the experienced team at Lodge Bros Stonemasons to work with you in creating a design that is elegant, respectful, and embodies the personality of the person who has passed.

Readymade and Custom Lanterns for Graves

Lodge Bros offers various options when it comes to lanterns for graves. We have a wide range of tasteful and classic readymade designs that you can choose from, or we can work with you to create a custom design that specifically speaks to the love and respect you had for the deceased. We manufacture our lanterns for graves using the finest materials to ensure long lasting, weather proofed quality. Whether we manufacture from stainless steel, bronze or another tempered and toughened material, you can trust that our lanterns for graves will outlast any climatic conditions in the outdoors.

Why Choose Lodge Bros for Lanterns for Graves?

For nearly 100 years, Lodge Bros has been providing Melbourne residents and businesses with high-quality stonemasonry work and we’re not giving up any time soon. Our experience and know-how has helped position us as leaders in the market, enabling us to accommodate your needs whether it lanterns for graves, bronze crosses, or any of our other high-quality products and services.

We deliver lanterns for graves not just throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area but also throughout regional Victoria and across Australia. To discover how we can help you, give Lodge Bros a call today on (03) 9497 2400. Alternatively, you can also contact us via our online enquiry form.

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