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Bronze Cross Suppliers in Melbourne

Found in churches, cemeteries, private schools and hospital chapels, the cross is a religious icon that many people hold in great reverence. It is the universal symbol for the death of Christ; one that is instantly recognised whether it is displayed on a building or around a person’s neck.

Historically, the cross was used as the primary tool of execution, but in the 21st century the use of the bronze cross is far more benign. If you’re looking for religious crosses builders in Melbourne, you can trust Lodge Bros Stonemasons to produce a bronze cross you’ll be proud to display on your premises.

Bronze Cross Builders for Churches

A common fixture of churches across many religions and denominations, the cross can often be found at the entrance to the church, behind the altar, and elsewhere throughout the premises. You’re even likely to find one on the roof as an easy way to identify the church from a distance.

The bronze cross suppliers at Lodge Bros are able to manufacture religious crosses of any size and in any quantity for your church or religious institution. Our bronze cross contractors will ensure the final product is durable and able to withstand the dynamic weather conditions that Melbourne is renowned for.

Bronze Cross Suppliers for Melbourne Schools

With more and more parents seeking a private school education for their children, religious studies remain a strong presence in many private schools across Melbourne and Australia. It therefore stands to reason that a religious school might require bronze crosses for their grounds. When you need a bronze cross for your Melbourne primary or high school grounds, Lodge Bros can provide a monument of any size.

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