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Headstone Wording & Inscriptions

Headstones are well known for their permanence, which is why an expert with specialised skills is required to make sure no errors are made when applying headstone inscriptions. At Lodge Bros Stonemasons, we are a leading provider of memorial inscriptions for gravestones that will provide a lasting tribute for your deceased loved ones. From names and dates through to beautiful scriptures, poems and song lyrics, we can inscribe nearly anything you want onto a headstone. We can also copy any font in size and style, as well as colour match any inscription.

The Importance of Headstone Wording & Inscriptions

We want to help you create a dedicated tribute to the life of your loved one, that can unique to them. Given the volume of graves that are typically found in a cemetery, it’s important to personalise them by adding distinctive features or characteristics. Statues and headstone inscriptions are both popular choices, as adding a personal touch allows the headstone to give a sense of what someone was like when they were alive and what impact they had on others.

High-Quality Gold Lettering for Headstones

Headstone inscriptions are a delicate art form, requiring precise skill and the utmost care. Fortunately, the gold lettering headstone suppliers at Lodge Bros Stonemasons boast the training and experience necessary to deliver fantastic results. We take great pride in creating accurate and high-quality gold lettering headstones in Melbourne that feature distinctive typefaces, customised wording and flexible layouts.

Our ability to provide an inscription on headstones for graves is second to none. We get the job done quickly, on time and on budget after going through a stringent design and approval process. We review the typeface, styling and message multiple times to ensure that the highest quality results are achieved. We also respect the grief that you experience after losing a loved one, taking your needs into account and honouring your wishes.

Why Choose Our Headstone Wordings?

Choose Lodge Bros Stonemasons for headstone wordings that go beyond words, capturing the unique essence of your loved ones with care and empathy. Our skilled artisans ensure precision and guide you seamlessly through the design process, creating enduring expressions of love and remembrance. Trust us for a compassionate partnership that respects your vision, making Lodge Bros Stonemasons the ideal choice for honoring the lives and legacies of your cherished ones.

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For more information about our headstone inscriptions, get in touch with our friendly gold lettering headstone contractors today. We’re also a perfect choice when you need mausoleum lettering and shutter inscriptions.

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