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Brass Memorial Plaques Melbourne

Large cemetery grounds can often be difficult to navigate your way around especially when emotions are high so any help the ground managers can provide patrons with is always valued. Cemetery estate signage, for example, can lead people from the entrance of the grounds directly to the office as well as other areas if required. In addition to our stone plaques we also offer beautiful and long-lasting brass plaques for gravestones across Melbourne. Lodge Bros Stonemasons can help you minimise much of the frustration that grieving loved ones might be feeling as they arrive to make arrangements for a funeral or arrive for the service itself. From an easy to read entrance sign for the cemetery to arrow signs for easy direction, Lodge Bros has all your navigation needs covered.

Stone Plaques for Graves

Lodge Bros specialises in the design and manufacture of tasteful and respectful memorial grave plaques that demonstrate the love and the affection the family has for the deceased. We offer a vast selection of designs for cemetery plaques and headstones that are readymade, with personalised details to be inscribed.  We can also assist with custom memorial plaques, where we’ll work with you to create a design that best reflects the life of your loved one. We can manufacture memorial plaques from a variety of materials including granite plaques for graves, bronze memorial plaques and more, which can all be inscribed with a personalised message to commemorate your loved one. Our bronze plaques can often be found in some of Melbourne’s most prominent parks, beaches and other landmarks.

Contact the Professionals in Memorial Plaques and Cemetery Signage

Since 1918, Lodge Bros Stonemasons has been in the field of designing and manufacturing cemetery estate signage and stone plaques for graves and headstones, among many other products and items. For almost 100 years, we’ve been the go-to name for cemetery signage and bronze plaques in Melbourne and we don’t plan on giving up that privilege any time soon. If your cemetery needs a signage upgrade, you’re looking for renovation services, or if you’re a member of the public looking to adorn a loved one’s memorial with a newly created plaque, get in touch with us. You can do this through our enquiry form or give us a call on (03) 9497 2400. For pricing information, please check our website.

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